Urethral Dilation
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  • Ureteral Dilator Set

    Hydrophilic coating

    Tapered tip design, fit tightly with the 0.038” guide wire

    Fit tightly with the 0.038” guide wire

  • Ureteral Dilator Set

    Cat.no Size
    FU02B010610 6Fr,60cm
    FU02B010810 8Fr,60cm
    FU02B010910 9Fr,60cm
    FU02B011010 10Fr,60cm
    FU02B011110 11Fr,60cm
    FU02B011210 12Fr,60cm
    FU02B011410 14Fr,60cm
    FU02B011610 16Fr,60cm
    FU02B011810 18Fr,60cm

  • Ureteral Dilator Set

    Cat.no Size
    FU02B020110 6-18Fr

  • Features
  • Set
  • S-Curve Urethral Dilator Set

    Used for cystometry and urethral pressure profilometry

    support the natural curvature of the male urethra. 

    Tapered tip design, the lumen of conical head fit tightly with the 0.038” guide wire,reduce trauma to the patient.


  • S-Curve Urethral Dilator Set

    Cat.no Size
    U02A032210 22Fr,37cm
    U02A032410 24Fr,37cm
    U02A032610 26Fr,37cm

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