• Features
  • Specification
  • Reusable Reinforced Silicone Laryngeal Mask
  • Reusable Reinforced Silicone Laryngeal Mask

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A05B071010 1.0
    A05B071510 1.5
    A05B072010 2.0
    A05B072510 2.5
    A05B073010 3.0
    A05B074010 4.0
    A05B075010 5.0

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Disposable Reinforced PVC Laryngeal Mask
  • Disposable Reinforced PVC Laryngeal Mask

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A05A041010 1.0
    A05A041510 1.5
    A05A042010 2.0
    A05A042510 2.5
    A05A043010 3.0
    A05A044010 4.0
    A05A045010 5.0

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Parker ThinCuff® Tracheal Tube

    Parker ThinCuffs are made of polyurethane instead of PVC, and are much thinner than the PVC membrane typically used to form conventional ET tube cuffs. The thinner, more pliable polyurethane cuff membrane is designed to provide a gentle cuff seal against the tracheal wall at a lower intracuff pressure. The cuff and the shaft of Parker ThinCuff tubes are DEHP-free. Experts have reported that DEHP-free plastic is medically and environmentally safer than plastic which contains DEHP.

    Two types of Parker ThinCuff tubes are available: 

    Magill-type: has a shorter cuff, closer to the tip of the tube. No Murphy eyes. DEHP-free tubing. 

    Product code: PTCL. Sizes: 3.0-7.0 

    Murphy-type:  has a longer cuff and 2 Murphy eyes.

                       DEHP-free tubing. Product code: PTCY.

                       Sizes: 6.0-9.5

  • Parker ThinCuff® Tracheal Tube

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A01G033040 3.0mm
    A01G033540 3.5mm
    A01G034040 4.0mm
    A01G034540 4.5mm
    A01G035040 5.0mm
    A01G035540 5.5mm
    A01G036040 6.0mm
    A01G036540 6.5mm
    A01G037040 7.0mm
    A01G037540 7.5mm
    A01G038040 8.0mm
    A01G038540 8.5mm
    A01G039040 9.0mm
    A01G039540 9.5mm

  • Parker ThinCuff® Tracheal Tube

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A01G03304F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03354F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03404F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03454F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03504F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03554F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03604F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03654F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03704F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03754F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03804F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03854F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03904F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01G03954F 9.5mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Standard
  • Nasal Preformed
  • Oral Preformed
  • Reinforced
  • Parker Flex-Tip® & Flex-It™ Series
    A Distal tip is curved and flexible – It flexes, yields, and slides past airway projections on its curved, smooth, broad, posterior surface. The force of tube insertion is broadly diffused along that posterior surface of tube tip.

    B Tube tip is centered – It is designed to advance along the midline of the airway, and not against the lateral airway structures. If the tip does contact the arytenoids or vocal cords, it flexes gently and slides off of them.

    C There is no gap (between the curved tip of the Parker tube and any introducer within that tube) which could become

    hung up on the larynx. See photos.


  • Parker Flex-Tip® & Flex-It™ Series

    Available with DEHP-Free Material

    High Volume, Low Pressure, cuffed Low Profile, Cuffed
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A133010 3.0mm
    A01A133020 3.0mm
    A01A142530 2.5mm
    A01A133510 3.5mm
    A01A133520 3.5mm
    A01A143030 3.0mm
    A01A134010 4.0mm
    A01A134020 4.0mm
    A01A143530 3.5mm
    A01A134510 4.5mm
    A01A134520 4.5mm
    A01A144030 4.0mm
    A01A135010 5.0mm
    A01A135020 5.0mm
    A01A144530 4.5mm
    A01A135510 5.5mm
    A01A135520 5.5mm
    A01A145030 5.0mm
    A01A136010 6.0mm
    A01A136020 6.0mm
    A01A145530 5.5mm
    A01A136510 6.5mm
    A01A136520 6.5mm
    A01A146030 6.0mm
    A01A137010 7.0mm
    A01A137020 7.0mm
    A01A146530 6.5mm
    A01A137510 7.5mm
    A01A137520 7.5mm
    A01A147030 7.0mm
    A01A138010 8.0mm
    A01A138020 8.0mm
    A01A147530 7.5mm
    A01A138510 8.5mm
    A01A138520 8.5mm
    A01A148030 8.0mm
    A01A139010 9.0mm
    A01A139020 9.0mm
    A01A148530 8.5mm
    A01A139510 9.5mm
    A01A139520 9.5mm
    A01A149030 9.0mm

    A01A149530 9.5mm

  • Parker Flex-Tip® & Flex-It™ Series

    Available with DEHP-Free Material

    High Volume Low Pressure, Cuffed Low Profile, Cuffed
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01C033010 3.0mm
    A01C033020 3.0mm
    A01C043030 3.0mm
    A01C033510 3.5mm
    A01C033520 3.5mm
    A01C043530 3.5mm
    A01C034010 4.0mm
    A01C034020 4.0mm
    A01C044030 4.0mm
    A01C034510 4.5mm
    A01C034520 4.5mm
    A01C044530 4.5mm
    A01C035010 5.0mm
    A01C035020 5.0mm
    A01C045030 5.0mm
    A01C035510 5.5mm
    A01C035520 5.5mm
    A01C045530 5.5mm
    A01C036010 6.0mm
    A01C036020 6.0mm
    A01C046030 6.0mm
    A01C036510 6.5mm
    A01C036520 6.5mm
    A01C046530 6.5mm
    A01C037010 7.0mm
    A01C037020 7.0mm
    A01C047030 7.0mm
    A01C037510 7.5mm
    A01C037520 7.5mm
    A01C047530 7.5mm
    A01C038010 8.0mm
    A01C038020 8.0mm
    A01C048030 8.0mm
    A01C038510 8.5mm
    A01C038520 8.5mm
    A01C048530 8.5mm
    A01C039010 9.0mm
    A01C039020 9.0mm
    A01C049030 9.0mm
    A01C039510 9.5mm
    A01C039520 9.5mm
    A01C049530 9.5mm

  • Parker Flex-Tip® & Flex-It™ Series

    Available with DEHP-Free Material

    High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff Low Pressure Cuff
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01B043010 3.0mm
    A01B043020 3.0mm
    A01B053030 3.0mm
    A01B043510 3.5mm
    A01B043520 3.5mm
    A01B053530 3.5mm
    A01B044010 4.0mm
    A01B044020 4.0mm
    A01B054030 4.0mm
    A01B044510 4.5mm
    A01B044520 4.5mm
    A01B054530 4.5mm
    A01B045010 5.0mm
    A01B045020 5.0mm
    A01B055030 5.0mm
    A01B045510 5.5mm
    A01B045520 5.5mm
    A01B055530 5.5mm
    A01B046010 6.0mm
    A01B046020 6.0mm
    A01B056030 6.0mm
    A01B046510 6.5mm
    A01B046520 6.5mm
    A01B056530 6.5mm
    A01B047010 7.0mm
    A01B047020 7.0mm
    A01B057030 7.0mm
    A01B047510 7.5mm
    A01B047520 7.5mm
    A01B057530 7.5mm
    A01B048010 8.0mm
    A01B048020 8.0mm
    A01B058030 8.0mm
    A01B048510 8.5mm
    A01B048520 8.5mm
    A01B058530 8.5mm
    A01B049010 9.0mm
    A01B049020 9.0mm
    A01B059030 9.0mm
    A01B049510 9.5mm
    A01B049520 9.5mm
    A01B059530 9.5mm

  • Parker Flex-Tip® & Flex-It™ Series

    Available with DEHP-Free Material

    High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff Low Pressure Cuff
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01E073010 3.0mm
    A01E073020 3.0mm
    A01E082030 2.0mm
    A01E073510 3.5mm
    A01E073520 3.5mm
    A01E082530 2.5mm
    A01E074010 4.0mm
    A01E074020 4.0mm
    A01E083030 3.0mm
    A01E074510 4.5mm
    A01E074520 4.5mm
    A01E083530 3.5mm
    A01E075010 5.0mm
    A01E075020 5.0mm
    A01E084030 4.0mm
    A01E075510 5.5mm
    A01E075520 5.5mm
    A01E084530 4.5mm
    A01E076010 6.0mm
    A01E076020 6.0mm
    A01E085030 5.0mm
    A01E076510 6.5mm
    A01E076520 6.5mm
    A01E085530 5.5mm
    A01E077010 7.0mm
    A01E077020 7.0mm
    A01E086030 6.0mm
    A01E077510 7.5mm
    A01E077520 7.5mm
    A01E086530 6.5mm
    A01E078010 8.0mm
    A01E078020 8.0mm
    A01E087030 7.0mm
    A01E078510 8.5mm
    A01E078520 8.5mm
    A01E087530 7.5mm
    A01E079010 9.0mm
    A01E079020 9.0mm
    A01E088030 8.0mm
    A01E079510 9.5mm
    A01E079520 9.5mm
    A01E088530 8.5mm

    A01E089030 9.0mm

    A01E089530 9.5mm

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Percutaneous Tracheostomy Tube Kit

    Well Lead Percutaneous Tracheostomy Tube kit is designed to provide a handy pack for performing Dialational Percutaneous Tracheostomy Procedure, which is used to secure airway access in a patient. Compared with open Tracheostomy procedures, Percutaneous Tracheostomy has below benifits

    Smaller skin incisions

    Less tissue trauma

    Lower risk of infection



    Cat.No. Size ID
    FA02D037010 7.0mm
    FA02D038010 8.0mm
    FA02D039010 9.0mm

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Reinforced Endotrachael Tube Low Profile Cuff
  • Reinforced Endotrachael Tube Low Profile Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01E013020 3.0mm
    A01E013520 3.5mm
    A01E014020 4.0mm
    A01E014520 4.5mm
    A01E015020 5.0mm
    A01E015520 5.5mm
    A01E016020 6.0mm
    A01E016520 6.5mm
    A01E017020 7.0mm
    A01E017520 7.5mm
    A01E018020 8.0mm
    A01E018520 8.5mm
    A01E019020 9.0mm
    A01E019520 9.5mm
    A01E019620 10.0mm

  • Reinforced Endotrachael Tube Low Profile Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01E01302F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01352F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01402F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01452F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01502F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01552F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01602F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01652F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01702F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01752F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01802F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01852F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01902F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01952F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01962F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Reusable Solid Silicone Manual Resuscitator
  • Reusable Solid Silicone Manual Resuscitator

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A08A040110 Infant
    A08A040210 Pediatric
    A08A040310 Adult

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Reusable Liquid Silicone Manual Resuscitator

    Features and Benefits

    1. All parts (excluding the oxygen reservoir and oxygen tubing) are fully autoclavable up to 134°C.

    2. Medical grade silicone material compliance of FDA standard.

    3. Reservoir bag and oxygen tubing are included.

  • Reusable Liquid Silicone Manual Resuscitator 液体硅胶复苏器

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A08A040410 Infant
    A08A040510 Pediatric
    A08A040610 Adult

  • Features
  • Specification
  • SEBS Disposable Manual Resuscitator
  • SEBS Disposable Manual Resuscitator

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A08A030410 Infant
    A08A030510 Pediatric
    A08A030610 Adult

  • Features
  • Specification
  • PVC Disposable Manual Resuscitator

    Features and Benefits

    1. Single use, to eliminatethe possibility of cross-contamination.

    2. Medical grade material compliance of FDA standard.

    3. Reservoir bag and oxygen tubing are included.

  • PVC Disposable Manual Resuscitator

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A08A030110 Infant
    A08A030210 Pediatric
    A08A030310 Adult

  • Features
  • Disposable Breathing Circuits

    Breathing Circuits are in combinaton with Endotracheal tube,or Anesthesia Mask, Breathing filter and Respiratory Machine, offer a simple, convenient, and efficient passage for clinic gas delivery, such as anesthetic gas, oxygen gas.


    1. Light weight reduces torque on Endotracheal Tube etc.

    2. High transparency for good visibility.

    3. Good tenacity and low compliance.

    4. Well designed tubing prevents collapse of tube.

    5. Cuffed connections ensure good sealing.

    6. Available with different types of Wye connectors and elbows for Temperature & Pressure measuring, or gas monitoring, etc.

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Specification-Antimicrobial
  • Anaesthesia Gas Sampling Line
    The Anaesthetic Gas Sampling line is designed to ensure the anaesthetic gas not to attack the pvc line, so that the risk of inaccuracy caused by the contamination can be lowered and the potential damage to the gas analyser can be avoided.
  • Anaethesia Gas Sampling Line 

    Cat.No. Specification
    A13C020110 1.0m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020112 1.2m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020115 1.5m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020120 2.0m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020130 3.0m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020210 1.0m,Male-FeMale Connectors
    A13C020212 1.2m,Male-FeMale Connectors
    A13C020215 1.5m,Male-FeMale Connectors
    A13C020220 2.0m,Male-FeMale Connectors
    A13C020230 3.0m,Male-FeMale Connectors

  • Anaethesia Gas Sampling Line

    Cat.No. Specification
    A13C020310 1.0m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020312 1.2m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020315 1.5m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020320 2.0m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020330 3.0m,Male-Male Connectors
    A13C020410 1m,Male-FeMale Connectors
    A13C020412 1.2m,Male-FeMale Connectors
    A13C020415 1.5m,Male-FeMale Connectors
    A13C020420 2.0m,Male-FeMale Connectors
    A13C020430 3.0m,Male-FeMale Connectors

  • Features
  • Divisiθ Bilumen 7 Day Max Circuit
    The Divisiθ Bilumen Circuit incorporates WellGuard Anti-Bacterial additive in the components - including the reservoir bags, to make it much safer to reuse a circuit for up to 7 days when used in combination with a suitable disinfection regime between patients.
  • Features
  • Divisiθ Bilumen IGS circuit
    with Integrated Anaesthetic Gas Sampling Line running through the circuit, the Divisiθ Bilumen IGS circuit offers significant advantages over separate sampling line.

    Improved gas sampling response with low respiratory patients.

    More efficient workflow - no need to transfer Co2 Line for each new patient.

    Greatly reduces the risk of pinching/occluding the gas sampling line.

  • Features
  • Divisiθ Bilumen circuit

    The Divisiθ Bilumen circuit incorporates a smooth, bilumen inner wall design, which improves internal flow and breathing resistance. As a result, there is no need for large diameter multiple tubing, which is why the Divisiθ Bilumen circuit has been designed as a single, small low volume tube.

    Τhe Divisiθ Bilumen circuit is ideal for both Adults and Paediatrics.

    The Divisiθ Bilumen circuit is ideal for Low/Ultra Low Flow Anaesthesia. 

    The Divisiθ Bilumen circuit is lighter, smaller and creates a less cluttered work area.

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Latex Breathing Bag
  • Latex Breathing Bag 乳胶气囊

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A13C010110 0.25L
    A13C010120 0.5L
    A13C010130 1L
    A13C010140 2L
    A13C010150 3L

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Latex-Free Breathing Bag
  • Latex-Free Breathing Bag 非乳胶气囊

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A13C010220 0.5L
    A13C010230 1L
    A13C010240 2L
    A13C010250 3L
    A13C010260 5L

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Economy Anaesthesia Mask
    Soft anatomical cushion is designed for good airtightness  and patients' comfort
  • Economy Anaesthesia Mask

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A07A020110 Neonate
    A07A020210 Infant
    A07A020310 Paediatric
    A07A020410 Small adult
    A07A020510 Medium adult
    A07A020610 Large adult

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Disposable Anaesthesia Mask-Air Cushion

    Colored Removable Hook Rings for easier size identification and fixation.

    Soft inflated cushion for good airtightness and making patient comfortable.

  • Disposable Anaesthesia Mask-Air Cushion

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A07A010110 Neonate
    A07A010210 Infant
    A07A010310 Paediatric
    A07A010410 Small adult
    A07A010510 Medium adult
    A07A010610 Large adult
    A07A010710 Ultra adult

  • Features
  • Specification-A
  • Specification-B
  • Tracheostomy Tube Holder
        Tracheostomy Tube Holders are designed to provide secure position and to minimize movement of the tracheostomy tube.Unnecessary movement of the trach tube can result in accidental dislodgement or displacement of the tube, tracheoesophageal fistula, tracheal stenosis, orairway granuloma.

    Made from latex-free, foam-padded cotton for patient comfort. 

    Velcro hooks attaching easily to the neck flange.

    Wide band tapers at hooks to reduce excess secretion accumulation. 

    Soft materials and wide band provide better skin care.

  • Tracheostomy Tube Holder

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A04D030210 S
    A04D030310 M
    A04D030410 L

  • Tracheostomy Tube Holder

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A04D030510 S
    A04D030610 L

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Tracheostomy Tube-High volume low pressure cuff

    Available with PU Ultrathin Cuff and DEHP-FREE material.

  • Tracheostomy Tube-High volume low pressure cuff

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A02A033010 3.0mm
    A02A033510 3.5mm
    A02A034010 4.0mm
    A02A034510 4.5mm
    A02A035010 5.0mm
    A02A035510 5.5mm
    A02A036010 6.0mm
    A02A016510 6.5mm
    A02A017010 7.0mm
    A02A017510 7.5mm
    A02A018010 8.0mm
    A02A018510 8.5mm
    A02A019010 9.0mm
    A02A019510 9.5mm
    A02A019610 10.0mm

  • Tracheostomy Tube-High volume low pressure cuff

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A02A03301F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A03351F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A03401F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A03451F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A03501F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A03551F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A03601F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A01651F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A01701F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A01751F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A01801F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A01851F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A01901F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A01951F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A01961F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Tracheostomy Tube-Uncuffed

    Tracheostomy Tube is a hollow tube, with or without a cuff, that is electively inserted directly into the trachea through a surgical incision or with a wire-guid-ed progressive dilatation technique in case of an emergency.

    Lightweight tube made of Medical grade PVC for patient comfort. 

    Full length Radio-opaque line for detection of correct placement.

    ISO standard connector for universal connection to ventilation equipment 

    Printed neck plate with size information for easy identification.

    Straps provided in the pack for fixation of the tube.

    Smooth rounded tip of the Obturator reduces trauma during insertion. 

    High volume, low pressure Cuff provides excellent sealing.

    Rigid blister pack provides maximum protectionfor the tube.

  • Tracheostomy Tube-Uncuffed

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A02A043030 3.0mm
    A02A043530 3.5mm
    A02A044030 4.0mm
    A02A044530 4.5mm
    A02A045030 5.0mm
    A02A045530 5.5mm
    A02A046030 6.0mm
    A02A026530 6.5mm
    A02A027030 7.0mm
    A02A027530 7.5mm
    A02A028030 8.0mm
    A02A028530 8.5mm
    A02A029030 9.0mm
    A02A029530 9.5mm
    A02A029630 10.0mm

  • Tracheostomy Tube-Uncuffed

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A02A04303F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A04353F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A04403F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A04453F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A04503F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A04553F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A04603F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A02653F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A02703F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A02753F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A02803F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A02853F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A02903F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A02A02953F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A02A02963F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Double Lumen Endobronchial tube

    Well Lead Endobronchial tube is used for the  purpose of establishing and maintaining a patient airway and ensure the adequate exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.


    1. Made from PVC in medical grade.

    2. Equipped with switch connector and two low-friction suction catheters.

    3. Available with two types, left-side and right-side.

    4. The cuffs, two lumens and pilot balloons are imprinted with Tracheal (clear) or Bronchial (blue) for easy identification.

    5. Smooth inner lumens can make the bronchoscopes easier to go through.

    6. Pre-loaded stylet can help tube maintain the shape for easier intubation. 

  • Double Lumen Endobronchial tube


    Cat.No. Size ID
    A03A012810 28Fr
    A03A013210 32Fr
    A03A013510 35Fr
    A03A013710 37Fr
    A03A013910 39Fr
    A03A014110 41Fr


    Cat.No. Size ID
    A03A022810 28Fr
    A03A023210 32Fr
    A03A023510 35Fr
    A03A023710 37Fr
    A03A023910 39Fr
    A03A024110 41Fr

  • Double Lumen Endobronchial tube


    Cat.No. Size ID
    A03A01281F 28FrDEHP FREE
    A03A01321F 32FrDEHP FREE
    A03A01351F 35FrDEHP FREE
    A03A01371F 37FrDEHP FREE
    A03A01391F 39FrDEHP FREE
    A03A01411F 41FrDEHP FREE


    Cat.No. Size ID
    A03A02281F 28FrDEHP FREE
    A03A02321F 32FrDEHP FREE
    A03A02351F 35FrDEHP FREE
    A03A02371F 37FrDEHP FREE
    A03A02391F 39FrDEHP FREE
    A03A02411F 41FrDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Endobronchial Blocker Tube

    Endobronchial blocker tube is a device which can be inserted down a tracheal tube after tracheal intubation so as to block off the right or left main bronchus of the lungs in order to be able to achieve a controlled one sided ventilation of the lungs in thoracic surgery. The lung tissue distal to the obstruction will collapse, thus allowing the surgeon's view and access to relevant structures within the thoracic cavity.

    Our blocker tubes are making attempts to achieve the one-sided lung ventilation as an alternative to Double-lumen tubes(DLT) and serve as a choice for pediatric patients as well.

  • Endobronchial Blocker Tube 

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A03D010510 5Fr
    A03D010710 7Fr
    A03D010910 9Fr

  • Endobronchial Blocker Tube

    Cat.No. Size ID
    A03D01051F 5FrDEHP FREE
    A03D01071F 7FrDEHP FREE
    A03D01091F 9FrDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway

    Well lead nasopharyngeal airway is designed for easier insertion and optimum patient comfort. It facilitates suctioning in intensive care, general anaesthesia and also provides an alternative airway during emergency procedures.

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Oropharyngeal Airway-Berman

    Atraumatic one piece design for optimum patient comfort and safety.

    Rigid bite block to ensure airway patency.

    Two sides channel design provides passage of suction catheter to clear secretions and also provides space for oral care.

  • Oropharyngeal Airway-Berman

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A06B010410 4cm
    A06B010510 5cm
    A06B010610 6cm
    A06B010710 7cm
    A06B010810 8cm
    A06B010910 9cm
    A06B011010 10cm
    A06B011110 11cm

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Oropharyngeal Airway-Guedel

    Smooth integrated design provides the patient with comfort and safety to maximize.

    Color-coded bite block is designed for easy identification and to prevent biting down so that the airway can be avoided blocking.

    A wide range of sizes available.

  • Oropharyngeal Airway-Guedel

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A06B020310 3cm
    A06B020410 4cm
    A06B020510 5cm
    A06B020610 6cm
    A06B020710 7cm
    A06B020810 8cm
    A06B020910 9cm
    A06B021010 10cm
    A06B021110 11cm
    A06B021210 12cm

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Reusable Silicone Laryngeal Mask

    Reusable Silicone Laryngeal Masks are designed to be sterilized and used up to 40 times.

    Durable high temperature resistant material suitable for autoclave sterilization.

    Serial no. is printed on each connector for easy tracking.

    Additional user card for record of device usage times and patient information is supplied in each pouch.

  • Reusable Silicone Laryngeal Mask

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A05B051010 1.0
    A05B051510 1.5
    A05B052010 2.0
    A05B052510 2.5
    A05B053010 3.0
    A05B054010 4.0
    A05B055010 5.0

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Disposable Reinforced Laryngeal Mask

    Reinforced Laryngeal Mask is specially designed for use in ophthalmic,
    ENT, dental, oro-maxillary, and other head and neck surgeries.

    Wire reinforced tube reduces risk of kinking and airway tube

    Flexible tube allows for placement away from surgical field and
    improves surgical access while maintaining good airtightness.

  • Disposable Reinforced Laryngeal Mask

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A05B041010 1.0
    A05B041510 1.5
    A05B042010 2.0
    A05B042510 2.5
    A05B043010 3.0
    A05B044010 4.0
    A05B045010 5.0

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Disposable PVC Laryngeal Mask

    Medical grade PVC with good compatibility.

    No epiglottis bars for easy insertion of fiberoptic scope, introducers and suction catheters.

  • Disposable PVC Laryngeal Mask

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A05A011010 1.0
    A05A011510 1.5
    A05A012010 2.0
    A05A012510 2.5
    A05A013010 3.0
    A05A014010 4.0
    A05A015010 5.0

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Disposable Silicone Laryngeal Mask

    Medical grade silicone for super compatibility and patient comfort.

    No epiglottis bars for easy insertion of fiberoptic scope, introducers and suction catheters.

    Available with seven sizes for all patient use.

  • Disposable Silicone Laryngeal Mask

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A05B011010 1.0
    A05B011510 1.5
    A05B012010 2.0
    A05B012510 2.5
    A05B013010 3.0
    A05B014010 4.0
    A05B015010 5.0

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Manual Jet Ventilator


    1. Reusable, lightweight, portable and durable.

    2. Trigger can offer convenient operation by the lever principle.

    3. Gauge is sensitive and accurate.

    4. Connecting Tubing with standard Luer Lock Connection.

    5. Good leakproofness.

  • Manual Jet Ventilator 手控喷射器


  • Features

    Provide effective supraglottic jet pulse oxygen supply and ventilation

    Improve oxygen supply and oxygenation. Decrease the rates of hypoxia and carbon dioxide accumulation in patients with respiratory suppression due to various reasons.

    Facilitate End tidal carbon dioxide pressure(PetCO2) monitoring.

  • Features
  • Specification
  • WEI JET Endotracheal Tube

    Provides adequate oxygenation and ventilation during the process of tracheal intubation. 

    Increases the success rate of tracheal intubation in difficult airway.

    Combine with other accessory devices to provide supraglottic oxygenation and jet ventilation during the process of direct laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation.

    Facilitate end tidal carbon dioxide pressure(PetCO2) monitoring (Connect to a CO2 monitoring catheter).

  • WEI JET Endotracheal Tube

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A06A065010 5.0mm
    A06A067010 7.0mm

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Parker Flex-It™ Directional Stylet

    The Parker Flex-It™ Directional Stylet is an articulating stylet whose curvature may be selected and fixed before intubation, or controlled by easy thumb action during intubation. Its convenient, one-hand operation is designed for quick, accurate, gentle intubation. It is suitable for oral and nasal use.

  • Parker Flex-It™ Directional Stylet

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A04B035010 5.0
    A04B035510 5.5-6.0
    A04B036510 6.5-7.0
    A04B037510 7.5-8.0

  • Features
  • Parker Flex-Tip® Nasopharyngeal Airway

    a patented Parker Flex-Tip® at the distal end of the tube which facilitates easy insertion and advancement of the tube through the nose and nasopharynx.

    a slidable depth ring that is designed to prevent inadvertent slipping of the tube into the nasal airway beyond the desired depth.

    a 15 mm connector that may be inserted into the flared proximal end of the tube to enable connection to bags or mechanical ventilation devices.

  • Features
  • Standard
  • Reinforced
  • Parker Flex-Tip® Tracheal Tube with Preloaded Stylet

    Preloaded with Parker Malleable Intubation Stylet, a malleable, aluminum stylet in a PVC sheath having blunt ends to reduce the risk of trauma if the stylet should extend beyond the tip of the tracheal tube.

    The stylet is intended to facilitate quick curving of the tube in preparation for intubation.


  • Parker Flex-Tip® Tracheal Tube with Preloaded Stylet

    Available with DEHP-Free Material

    High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

    Low Pressure Cuff






























































































  • Parker Flex-Tip® Tracheal Tube with Preloaded Stylet

    Available with DEHP-Free Material

    High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff Low Pressure Cuff
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01E093010 3.0mm
    A01E093020 3.0mm
    A01E102030 2.0mm
    A01E093510 3.5mm
    A01E093520 3.5mm
    A01E102530 2.5mm
    A01E094010 4.0mm
    A01E094020 4.0mm
    A01E103030 3.0mm
    A01E094510 4.5mm
    A01E094520 4.5mm
    A01E103530 3.5mm
    A01E095010 5.0mm
    A01E095020 5.0mm
    A01E104030 4.0mm
    A01E095510 5.5mm
    A01E095520 5.5mm
    A01E104530 4.5mm
    A01E096010 6.0mm
    A01E096020 6.0mm
    A01E105030 5.0mm
    A01E096510 6.5mm
    A01E096520 6.5mm
    A01E105530 5.5mm
    A01E097010 7.0mm
    A01E097020 7.0mm
    A01E106030 6.0mm
    A01E097510 7.5mm
    A01E097520 7.5mm
    A01E106530 6.5mm
    A01E098010 8.0mm
    A01E098020 8.0mm
    A01E107030 7.0mm
    A01E098510 8.5mm
    A01E098520 8.5mm
    A01E107530 7.5mm
    A01E099010 9.0mm
    A01E099020 9.0mm
    A01E108030 8.0mm
    A01E099510 9.5mm
    A01E099520 9.5mm
    A01E108530 8.5mm

    A01E109030 9.0mm

    A01E109530 9.5mm

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Parker Flex-Tip® Microlaryngeal Tube

    Parker Flex-Tip® Microlaryngeal tube has the same dual Murphy eyes and flexible, curved, centered, distal tip geometry as the other members of the Parker Flex-Tip product line. It is designed for laryngeal and tracheal surgery where a smaller diameter tube will allow better visual and surgical access to the operative field. It can also be used where larger endotracheal tubes will not fit into the trachea.

  • Parker Flex-Tip® Microlaryngeal Tube

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A114010 4.0mm
    A01A115010 5.0mm
    A01A116010 6.0mm

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Parker Trach Vac tubes with Parker Flex-Tip®

    Patented Parker Flex-Tip at the distal end of the tube.

    Evacuation port and lumen in the dorsal wall of the tube, proximal to the cuff, for suctioning accumulated secretions from the subglottic space. 

    Both polyurethane Parker ThinCuffs and standard PVC cuffs are available.


  • Parker Trach Vac tubes with Parker Flex-Tip® 

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01F066010 6.0mm
    A01F066510 6.5mm
    A01F067010 7.0mm
    A01F067510 7.5mm
    A01F068010 8.0mm
    A01F068510 8.5mm
    A01F069010 9.0mm

  • Parker Trach Vac tubes with Parker Flex-Tip®

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01F06601F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01F06651F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01F06701F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01F06751F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01F06801F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01F06851F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01F06901F 9.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Disposable Tracheal Tube Kit

    Well Lead DisposableTracheal Tube kits contain all necessary devices required for intubation of Endotracheal tubes in one tray, thus saves crucial time during intubation especially in emergency.

  • Disposable Tracheal Tube Kit.

    The Tracheal Tube Kit can be customized.

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Endotracheal tube Holder

    Keep an endotracheal tube in place without applying tape to the patients face.

    Accommodate multiple-size ET tubes.

    Bite block can protect the teeth of patients.

     and gums while keeping the tube open.

    Allow suction of the oropharynx put into use.

  • Endotracheal tube Holder

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A04D020110 Adult

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Intubating Stylet

    Made of malleable aluminum covered with plastic sheath.

    Soft rounded tip for minimizing patient trauma during intubation.

    Flexible use for assistance of intubation.

  • Intubating Stylet

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A04B010610 6Fr50±5HV
    A04B010620 6Fr80±5HV
    A04B011010 10Fr45±5HV
    A04B011210 12Fr45±5HV
    A04B011410 14Fr35±5HV
    A04B011420 14Fr45±5HV

  • Intubating Stylet

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A04B01061F 6FrDEHP FREE,50±5HV
    A04B01062F 6FrDEHP FREE,80±5HV
    A04B01101F 10FrDEHP FREE,45±5HV
    A04B01121F 12FrDEHP FREE,45±5HV
    A04B01141F 14FrDEHP FREE,35±5HV
    A04B01142F 14FrDEHP FREE,45±5HV

  • Features
  • Specification-Solid
  • Specification-Hollow
  • Endotracheal Tube Introducer (Bougie)
  • Endotracheal Tube Introducer (Bougie) 实心探条

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A04A020610 6Fr535mm,Coude Tip
    A04A021010 10Fr700mm,Coude Tip
    A04A021510 15Fr700mm,Coude Tip
    A04A020620 6Fr535mm
    A04A021020 10Fr700mm
    A04A021520 15Fr700mm

  • Endotracheal Tube Introducer (Bougie) 空心探条

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A04A011010 10Fr700mm,Coude Tip
    A04A011011 10Fr900mm,Coude Tip
    A04A011510 15Fr700mm,Coude Tip
    A04A011511 15Fr900mm,Coude Tip
    A04A011020 10Fr700mm
    A04A011021 10Fr900mm
    A04A011520 15Fr700mm
    A04A011521 15Fr900mm

  • Features
  • Reinforced Endotracheal Tube With Pre-loaded Stylet-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff
  • Features
  • Reinforced Endotracheal tube with Pre-loaded stylet, Uncuffed
  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free

    Preloaded with a malleable aluminum stylet for quick curving of the tube in the preparation of intubation.

  • Endotracheal Tube With Preloaded Stylet

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A042030 2.0mm
    A01A042530 2.5mm
    A01A043030 3.0mm
    A01A043530 3.5mm
    A01A044030 4.0mm
    A01A044530 4.5mm
    A01A045030 5.0mm
    A01A045530 5.5mm
    A01A046030 6.0mm
    A01A046530 6.5mm
    A01A047030 7.0mm
    A01A047530 7.5mm
    A01A048030 8.0mm
    A01A048530 8.5mm
    A01A049030 9.0mm
    A01A049530 9.5mm
    A01A049630 10.0mm

  • Endotracheal Tube With Preloaded Stylet

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A04203F 2.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04253F 2.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04303F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04353F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04403F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04453F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04503F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04553F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04603F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04653F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04703F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04753F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04803F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04853F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04903F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04953F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A04963F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • SuctionPlus Endotracheal Tube(Endotracheal Tube with Evacuation Lumen)
    SuctionPlus Endotracheal tube is designed with the evacuation lumen in order to provide protection against risk of aspiration and decrease the rate of ventilation-associated pneumonia (VAP) in the hospital.
  • SuctionPlus Endotracheal Tube(Endotracheal Tube with Evacuation Lumen) 

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01F016010 6.0mm
    A01F016510 6.5mm
    A01F017010 7.0mm
    A01F017510 7.5mm
    A01F018010 8.0mm
    A01F018510 8.5mm
    A01F019010 9.0mm

  • SuctionPlus Endotracheal Tube(Endotracheal Tube with Evacuation Lumen)

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01F01601F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01F01651F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01F01701F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01F01751F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01F01801F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01F01851F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01F01901F 9.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Reinforced Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff
  • High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff 加强插管柱状

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01E013010 3.0mm
    A01E013510 3.5mm
    A01E014010 4.0mm
    A01E014510 4.5mm
    A01E015010 5.0mm
    A01E015510 5.5mm
    A01E016010 6.0mm
    A01E016510 6.5mm
    A01E017010 7.0mm
    A01E017510 7.5mm
    A01E018010 8.0mm
    A01E018510 8.5mm
    A01E019010 9.0mm
    A01E019510 9.5mm
    A01E019610 10.0mm

  • High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01E01301F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01351F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01401F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01451F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01501F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01551F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01601F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01651F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01701F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01751F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01801F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01851F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01901F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01951F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E01961F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Reinforced Endotracheal tube-Uncuffed
  • Reinforced Endotracheal tube  加强管无囊

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01E023030 3.0mm
    A01E023530 3.5mm
    A01E024030 4.0mm
    A01E024530 4.5mm
    A01E025030 5.0mm
    A01E025530 5.5mm
    A01E026030 6.0mm
    A01E026530 6.5mm
    A01E027030 7.0mm
    A01E027530 7.5mm
    A01E028030 8.0mm
    A01E028530 8.5mm
    A01E029030 9.0mm
    A01E029530 9.5mm
    A01E029630 10.0mm

  • Reinforced Endotracheal tube

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01E02303F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02353F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02403F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02453F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02503F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02553F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02603F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02653F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02703F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02753F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02803F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02853F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02903F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02953F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01E02963F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff
  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff 

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01C013020 3.0mm
    A01C013520 3.5mm
    A01C014020 4.0mm
    A01C014520 4.5mm
    A01C015020 5.0mm
    A01C015520 5.5mm
    A01C016020 6.0mm
    A01C016520 6.5mm
    A01C017020 7.0mm
    A01C017520 7.5mm
    A01C018020 8.0mm
    A01C018520 8.5mm
    A01C019020 9.0mm
    A01C019520 9.5mm
    A01C019620 10.0mm

  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01C01302F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01352F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01402F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01452F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01502F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01552F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01602F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01652F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01702F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01752F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01802F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01852F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01902F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01952F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01962F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff
  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01C013010 3.0mm
    A01C013510 3.5mm
    A01C014010 4.0mm
    A01C014510 4.5mm
    A01C015010 5.0mm
    A01C015510 5.5mm
    A01C016010 6.0mm
    A01C016510 6.5mm
    A01C017010 7.0mm
    A01C017510 7.5mm
    A01C018010 8.0mm
    A01C018510 8.5mm
    A01C019010 9.0mm
    A01C019510 9.5mm
    A01C019610 10.0mm

  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01C01301F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01351F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01401F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01451F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01501F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01551F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01601F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01651F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01701F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01751F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01801F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01851F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01901F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01951F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C01961F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Uncuffed
  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Uncuffed 

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01C023030 3.0mm
    A01C023530 3.5mm
    A01C024030 4.0mm
    A01C024530 4.5mm
    A01C025030 5.0mm
    A01C025530 5.5mm
    A01C026030 6.0mm
    A01C026530 6.5mm
    A01C027030 7.0mm
    A01C027530 7.5mm
    A01C028030 8.0mm
    A01C028530 8.5mm
    A01C029030 9.0mm
    A01C029530 9.5mm
    A01C029630 10.0mm

  • Nasal Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Uncuffed

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01C02303F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02353F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02403F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02453F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02503F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02553F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02603F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02653F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02703F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02753F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02803F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02853F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02903F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02953F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01C02963F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff
  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01B013020 3.0mm
    A01B013520 3.5mm
    A01B014020 4.0mm
    A01B014520 4.5mm
    A01B015020 5.0mm
    A01B015520 5.5mm
    A01B016020 6.0mm
    A01B016520 6.5mm
    A01B017020 7.0mm
    A01B017520 7.5mm
    A01B018020 8.0mm
    A01B018520 8.5mm
    A01B019020 9.0mm
    A01B019520 9.5mm
    A01B019620 10.0mm

  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01B01302F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01352F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01402F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01452F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01502F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01552F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01602F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01652F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01702F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01752F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01802F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01852F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01902F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01952F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01962F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff
  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01B013010 3.0mm
    A01B013510 3.5mm
    A01B014010 4.0mm
    A01B014510 4.5mm
    A01B015010 5.0mm
    A01B015510 5.5mm
    A01B016010 6.0mm
    A01B016510 6.5mm
    A01B017010 7.0mm
    A01B017510 7.5mm
    A01B018010 8.0mm
    A01B018510 8.5mm
    A01B019010 9.0mm
    A01B019510 9.5mm
    A01B019610 10.0mm

  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01B01301F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01351F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01401F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01451F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01501F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01551F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01601F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01651F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01701F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01751F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01801F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01851F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01901F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01951F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B01961F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal tube-Uncuffed
  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal tube-Uncuffed

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01B023030 3.0mm
    A01B023530 3.5mm
    A01B024030 4.0mm
    A01B024530 4.5mm
    A01B025030 5.0mm
    A01B025530 5.5mm
    A01B026030 6.0mm
    A01B026530 6.5mm
    A01B027030 7.0mm
    A01B027530 7.5mm
    A01B028030 8.0mm
    A01B028530 8.5mm
    A01B029030 9.0mm
    A01B029530 9.5mm
    A01B029630 10.0mm

  • Oral Preformed Endotracheal tube-Uncuffed

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01B02303F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02353F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02403F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02453F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02503F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02553F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02603F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02653F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02703F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02753F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02803F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02853F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02903F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02953F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01B02963F 10.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff
  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A012520 2.5mm
    A01A013020 3.0mm
    A01A013520 3.5mm
    A01A014020 4.0mm
    A01A014520 4.5mm
    A01A015020 5.0mm
    A01A015520 5.5mm
    A01A016020 6.0mm
    A01A016520 6.5mm
    A01A017020 7.0mm
    A01A017520 7.5mm
    A01A018020 8.0mm
    A01A018520 8.5mm
    A01A019020 9.0mm
    A01A019520 9.5mm
    A01A019620 10.0mm
    A01A019720 10.5mm
    A01A019820 11.0mm

  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-Low Profile Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A01252F 2.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01302F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01352F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01402F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01452F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01502F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01552F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01602F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01652F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01702F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01752F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01802F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01852F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01902F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01952F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01962F 10.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01972F 10.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01982F 11.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A013010 3.0mm
    A01A013510 3.5mm
    A01A014010 4.0mm
    A01A014510 4.5mm
    A01A015010 5.0mm
    A01A015510 5.5mm
    A01A016010 6.0mm
    A01A016510 6.5mm
    A01A017010 7.0mm
    A01A017510 7.5mm
    A01A018010 8.0mm
    A01A018510 8.5mm
    A01A019010 9.0mm
    A01A019510 9.5mm
    A01A019610 10.0mm
    A01A019710 10.5mm
    A01A019810 11.0mm

  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A01301F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01351F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01401F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01451F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01501F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01551F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01601F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01651F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01701F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01751F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01801F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01851F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01901F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01951F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01961F 10.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01971F 10.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A01981F 11.0mmDEHP FREE

  • Features
  • Specification
  • DEHP-Free
  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-Uncuffed

  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-Uncuffed

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A022030 2.0mm
    A01A022530 2.5mm
    A01A023030 3.0mm
    A01A023530 3.5mm
    A01A024030 4.0mm
    A01A024530 4.5mm
    A01A025030 5.0mm
    A01A025530 5.5mm
    A01A026030 6.0mm
    A01A026530 6.5mm
    A01A027030 7.0mm
    A01A027530 7.5mm
    A01A028030 8.0mm
    A01A028530 8.5mm
    A01A029030 9.0mm
    A01A029530 9.5mm
    A01A029630 10.0mm
    A01A029730 10.5mm
    A01A029830 11.0mm

  • Standard Endotracheal Tube-Uncuffed

    Cat.No. SIZE
    A01A02203F 2.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02253F 2.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02303F 3.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02353F 3.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02403F 4.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02453F 4.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02503F 5.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02553F 5.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02603F 6.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02653F 6.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02703F 7.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02753F 7.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02803F 8.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02853F 8.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02903F 9.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02953F 9.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02963F 10.0mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02973F 10.5mmDEHP FREE
    A01A02983F 11.0mmDEHP FREE

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