Anaesthesia Mask
  • Features
  • Specification
  • Economy Anaesthesia Mask
    Soft anatomical cushion is designed for good airtightness  and patients' comfort
  • Economy Anaesthesia Mask

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A07A020110 Neonate
    A07A020210 Infant
    A07A020310 Paediatric
    A07A020410 Small adult
    A07A020510 Medium adult
    A07A020610 Large adult

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Disposable Anaesthesia Mask-Air Cushion

    Colored Removable Hook Rings for easier size identification and fixation.

    Soft inflated cushion for good airtightness and making patient comfortable.

  • Disposable Anaesthesia Mask-Air Cushion

    Cat.No. TYPE
    A07A010110 Neonate
    A07A010210 Infant
    A07A010310 Paediatric
    A07A010410 Small adult
    A07A010510 Medium adult
    A07A010610 Large adult
    A07A010710 Ultra adult

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